Wallpaper is great; except when it starts to fade or peel.

That is where Redlands Painting comes in. I have the right equipment and seasoned employees to get your Highland wallpaper removal project done as quickly as possible.

I have helped hundreds in the Highland area with many large scale wallpaper removal projects. The secret is taking exceptional care to remove the wallpaper but leaving everything else untouched. Whenever my team and I do any job for a client we leave it ready for the next step, whatever that may be. Why? Because it doesn't matter what job I do for a client, what matters is that I do it right. Every job is properly prepared, performed and cleaned post-production because that is what I would expect from a service that I hire.

Wallpaper Removal Q&A

Q: Can't I just paint over my wallpaper?

A: For a quality look that will last and be consistent, it is always best to have your wallpaper fully removed beforehand. If your old wallpaper isn't completely removed it is likely to show through in places, especially over time, leaving you with slight, or even very pronounced, imperfections in your indoor paint job. With our dedication to only the highest quality workmanship, however, you never have to worry about excessive delays or hassles connected with wallpaper removal. We will quickly strip your walls to make sure that there will be no imperfections which will come through once paint or other indoor decorative coatings have been properly applied.